Uhuru hits back at Museveni, changes mind on standard guage railway

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A show of might contest pitting Kenya and Uganda is ensuing after President Yoweri Museveni struck a deal with Tanzania for the construction of a pipepline.
Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit back at Uganda, instructing his team to make sure the standard guage railway that is under construction does not go beyond Nairobi.
This means Ugandan business community that had hoped that new railway line will speed up transportation of goods from Mombasa Port to Kampala will continue incurring huge expenses.
President Kenyatta is said to have complained of betrayal from his Ugandan counterpart with whom they had discussed and agreed on a joint project to construct the pipeline from Hoima to Lamu port.
Rwanda that was also part of the project has already pulled out, opting to join another route from Tanzania to ease flow of goods from Dae es Salaam port to Kigali. The landlocked country uses both Mombasa port and Dar es Salaam port for import and export of goods. However, Kigali had complained of theft of of its goods at Dar es Salaam port and prefers Mombasa.
“The standard guage railway will not go beyond Nairobi, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is working on something. Museveni can stick with his pipline,” a source well versed with the intrigues said.
The initial plan was that the railway line will, in pahse one, end in Nairobi before the next phase to Malaba begins. Uganda was then expected to take over the project from tbe border town to pave the way for Rwanda to join the line.

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