Raila meets party officials to stem rebellion

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has moved to seal cracks in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) that threaten its success in the next general election after convening the party’ top organ at Orange House this afternoon.
Mr Odinga will this afternoon preside over the party’s central management committee to appoint a new Secretary General following the resignation of Ababu Namwamba and also stem internal dissent in the party.
The party stalwarts have complained of infiltration and bribery by the ruling coalition to weaken it ahead of the next general election.
The party already battling to maintain foothold in two key regions Western and Coastal regions where rebels are spearheading campaigns against Mr Odinga’s presidential ambitions.
In Coast Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aru is leading a group of rebel MPs to deny ODM automatic support while Mr Namwamba is rallying Western Kenya behind him to establishment himself as a political kingpin in the region.
Mr Odinga is expected this weekend to tour Western Kenya during which he will assure his supporters that all is well and the defections will not afttect his presidential ambitions.
“I have programmed a four-day visit to Western Kenya.It is all political. When I go political, the result is political. Everything is going to be alright. Even better,” Mr Odinga said on Twitter.

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