IEBC commissioners fight back

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The under fire Electoral and Boundaries Commissioners have come out fighting, accusing Cord leader Raila Odinga of spreading malicious allegations against them.
IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan dared Mr Odinga to publish evidence on allegations that the commissioners have been compromised to rig the elections in favour of the ruling Jubilee coalition.
Mr Hassan said the commissioners will resign if such evidence is made public.
“We want to dare him (Mr Odinga) to produce and publish any evidence today and we will resign immediately. This character assassination of public officials is not what we expect from our leaders,” Mr Hassan said.
According to him, the Commission has held more meetings with Cord than any other political party or group. He added that the Commission has held five consultative meetings with the Cord leadership.
Mr Odinga launch protests against IEBC last week, warning that the country is sitting on a time bomb should the current commissioner be allowed to preside of the general elections.
Mr Odinga also demanded prosecution of Mr Hassan over Chickengate scandal, which has seen some UK firm officials jailed.
“The Chairman of the Commission has been has been subjected to extreme injustice and falsehoods over Chickengate. The UK suspects were investigated, prosecuted and convicted for conspiracy to bribe public officials who worked for the IIEC between 2006 and 2010. It has nothing to do with this Commission,” Mr Hassan told a press conference.

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