Extra-judicial killing: How police officers conspired to cover up unjustified shooting

Sergeant Leliman, the main suspect in the extra-judicial killings in Nairobi, looked up in police cells Josphat Mwenda with gunshot wound in an attempt to cover up his actions.
According to documents seen by the Kenya observer, the International Justice Mission, which lawyer Willie Kimani, one of the deceased persons worked for, complained to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet that the Sergeant Leliman abused his powers to file fictitious charges to cover up misuse of fireman for fear of losing his job should Mr Mwenda report him to Independent Police Oversight Authority.
In the complaints to Mr Boinnet signed by director of legal department James Kiroji, The NGO claimed that Mr Mwenda tribulations began when Sergeant Leliman shot him in the arm and rushed him to a hospital in Athi River and later turned against him on the advice of an Administration Police Officer.
“Realising that he had made a mistake by shooting Josephat Mwenda, Sgt Leliman ferried Jospehat to Athi River Health Centre, a private hospital in his personal vehicle, which he had with him at at the time to obtain medical assistance. At the Athi River Health Centre, the doctor gave first aid treatment and then referred Josephat Mwenda to Machakos Level 5 Hospital because of the serous injuries caused by bullet, which went through his upper right arm above his elbow joint into his right chest,” reads the complaint.
However, despite Sgt Leliman paying the medical bill, his colleague Corporal Jane Ngige advised him against taking Mr Mwenda to Machakos Level 5 Hospital since this will implicate him and lead to his dismissal from the service.
It was after this advice that Mr Mwenda was locked up in police cell with the gunshot wound and fictitious charges against him filed in court to intimidate him.
He was charged for resisting arrest and possession of drugs, among them bang and was forced by the Sgt Leliman and his colleagues to plead guilty to ensure he is sent to jail to make sure the unjustified shooting to covered forever.
According to the International Justice Mission, Sgt Leliman with the help of Mlolongo OCPD Chief Inspector Wambugu, came up with fresh charges, among them traffic offence.
However, as fate would have it, Mavoko magistrate who was handing the case insisted of visiting the Mlolongo Police station to verify the details of a motorcycle Mr Mwenda was accused of riding without a helmet and a reflective jacket and ferrying uninsured passenger.
Upon visiting the station, Magistrate was shocked to learn that the charges had been fabricated and, in fact, there was no such motorcycle since the details that had been provided as part of evidence did not exist. In their defence, police claimed that the motorcycle was owned by Mr Mwenda’s former classmate. The magistrate dismissed the case and warned Sgt Leliman against further harming Mr Mwenda.
But unrelenting Mr Mwenda reported Sgt Leliman to the Independent Police Oversight Authority and sought the help of International Justice Mission to seek legal redress.
In a criminal case over unjustified shooting, Sgt Leliman claimed that the shooting took place during a security operation.
Mr Mwenda alongside his lawyer Mr Kimani and a taxi driver Joseph Muiruri were abducted outside Mavoko Law Court after a hearing of the criminal case against Sgt Leliman before they were executed and their bodies thrown into River Ol-Donyo Sabuk in Mackakos County.

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